Risk PlanningRisk Planning We use intelligent financial planning software to perform thorough risk analysis. This then enables us to determine what type of cover is best suited, as well as the amount required.A wide range of products are on offer by various companies, including Life Cover, Disability Cover, Severe Illness Cover, etc.Consultants: Jacques Brand, Pieter Campher
Investment PlanningInvestment Planning The investment planning section of our business focusses on fund selection and asset allocation.Every investment profile is developed according to the client’s needs preferences and risk profile. We offer an extensive range of investment products from various companies.Consultants:Jacques Brand, Pieter Campher
Retirement Planning Retirement Planning We do extensive retirement planning by focusing on the
legislation pertaining to the taxation of pension, provident
and retirement annuity funds.The client’s goals and objectives are used to develop a
tailor-made retirement plan – reviewed regularly to make
changes if necessary.Consultants: Jacques Brand, Pieter Campher
Wills & Estate PlanningWills & Estate Planning Estate Planning and Wills are directed at planning around
the death of the client.It seeks to ensure that succession takes place in a way that
minimizes taxes and costs, and adequately protects the assets
being passed on.Consultants: Jacques Brand, Pieter Campher
Medical & Health Cover Medical & Health Cover One never knows when you or one of your family members
may need sudden medical care – something that may cost
a substantial amount.As a member of a Medical Aid you can enjoy peace of mind,
knowing that you and your family are protected by the
benefits offered by a Medical Scheme. The types of cover available include:

  • Day-to-day Benefits Offers various types of cover for medical treatment that you receive out of hospital.
  • Major Medical Benefits Generally covers surgical procedures and services obtained when you are admitted to hospital.
  • Chronic Illness Benefits Covers certain specified chronic diseases.
  • Medical Savings Account Can be used to pay for medical expenses that are not covered under normal day-to-day-benefits.
  • Wellness Benefits A program where the member and his/her dependants will be rewarded for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Gap Cover Covers the shortfall of benefit amounts during hospital procedures.

Consultant: Pieter Campher

Business Financial PlanningBusiness Financial Planning We are able to assit our clients with business related financial planning.
Some of our offerings include Buy-and-sell agreements, Keyperson-
assurance, Deferred & Preferred compensation.All the elements, implications and tax considerations of the available
offerings will be considdered before any advice is given.Consultants: Jacques Brand, Pieter Campher